Imagine standing in a beautiful room.
There is a guide sitting at the piano.
You are standing and you begin to stretch and yawn and allow sounds to roll out of you. The piano begins to match and reflect and support the tones that are coming as you yawn. Before long, you are standing with your feet planted and pressing against the earth.
Your arms are open.
Your heart is open.
Your breath is deep, full and flowing.
Your head is slightly back.
You are singing.
You are really singing.
Full bodied, full feeling,
free flying, shining full soul full singing

Embodied VoiceWork is a method exploring the resources and the power within the process of finding and freeing one’s voice. Through free vocal improvisation each person connects with their own music, as well as the experience of listening and improvising with others. We come to understand non-verbal singing as a language. We explore the essentials of this language tone, interval, time, vowel, and consonant. We begin in solo work and evolve into duet, quartet and large group improvisation.

This work is about listening. It is about connecting into and sensing our bodies. It is about giving voice to what is heard and felt. The tools of this work are breath, tone, touch, imagery and vocal improvisation. Through a series of developmentally sequenced exercises we use these tools to connect to impulse and information in the body. Solo work evolves into duet and group work.

The goal of the work is to embody the voice, to come more fully into one’s body, one’s sound, one’s music and one’s expressiveness. Participants can expect to be more grounded in their bodies and to improvise and sing more freely and expressively. They will be more fluent in the language of music. Listening skills will be awakened both internally and externally. This work can open individuals to a powerful experience of emotional, energetic and expressive aliveness.

Embodied VoiceWork is a method used in arts education, music therapy, and human potential work.

Workshops in Embodied VoiceWork range from a single 2 hour session, to full day, to four or five day rounds, to long-term training.

Lisa Sokolov is well known in the fields of music and theater as a innovative singer, composer and teacher. She is also recognized internationally for her pioneering voice work in the field of Music Therapy and Artist education. She is a frequent guest at international festivals and conferences. She has extensive teaching experience as a Professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Experimental Theater Wing, as well as teaching at Institutes internationally for many years.

See the calendar page for upcoming workshop dates.

Workshops and long-term trainings are going on regularly at:
New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing
(212) 998-1868 (academic year)

ZIST Penzberg Germany
(49) 88 56 5192 (Summer)

Seeguetli Unterwasser Switzerland
(41)(71) 999-1110 (Summer)

Privately in the New York Region

Individuals and groups often invite Lisa to come and work with them.