Embodied VoiceWork


Happy Blessed New Decade!!

Lots of projects about to burst to life!

The HUGE news is that my book Embodied VoiceWork: Beyond Singing is finally out! Links to order and links to our webpage are on the home page.

This is a culmination of a lifetime of work. Speaking about the deeper and wider powers of singing to transform and connect. I am so very thrilled and excited about this. (“She is shaking thrilled excited” from She is Standing, Presence)

Also in the mix about to come out soon in this brand new Decade…

Is a solo recording of William Parkers Compositions called Afternoon Poem. Only solo voice. But I must say might be the most beautiful one yet.  I will keep you all posted when that arrives this Spring.

And last, but not at all least, is my next recording Snow in Spring  a collection of my choral and chamber vocal pieces. Will keep you posted.

Please reach out and write me. Then head to EmbodiedVoiceWork.com and join our email list for updates on everything workshop related .

And Saturday night Jan 10 come out to my set at NYC Winterfest to honor Steve Dalachinsky at Nuyoricans Poetry Cafe. 8;00 set but the whole night and the whole festival will be brilliant.

Last decade was a pretty tough 10 years of liberation. May this new decade  be fruitful and full of love and joy and freedom and health and creative inspiration for us all.  Sending love to you, Lisa