Lots of projects about to burst to life!


William Parker’s new CD project is released! And the press is loving it.

From The Wire: “The syncretic spiritualism of William Parker’s music has Stewart Smith in raptures.
“Stan’s hat Flapping in the Wind” presents 19 songs from William Parker. He does not play on the album, handing over the reins to longterm collaborators Lisa Sokolov on vocals and Cooper-Moore on Piano. Parker could not have chosen a better duo to perform these… Sokolov is a masterful interpreter of song, with a remarkable timbral facility…her full-throated love cries on the gospel numbers show her voice in all its brassy glory. Through these songs love rains down. “

Very exciting! I am so honored to sing his compositions. These are many of William’s sacred songs. There is so much beauty, so much heart and so much music here. It was such a joy working with William and the great Cooper Moore on piano. This is some powerful music. Each piece embodies a profound inner gesture and the collection promises to be a remarkable sonic journey.
Come down to Cornelia St Cafe on August 16th at 9:30 to hear us doing it live. This is the music that I want to sing. The first performance we did of this was sold out standing ovation. An audience member described it as, “An encyclopedia of Love.” Indeed. If you only come to hear me once this year this is the one. Not to be missed.

Just returned from a week at the Jungian Odyssey in Zermatt. A remarkable event. I was honored and thrilled to teach for a day, run a symposium and end with a concert. I met amazing people and it was such a joy to enter into dialog with all of them. Heading back to Europe in a few days for workshops in Germany and Switzerland. Germany is full but there might be a space or two left in the Swiss Alps. This is a remarkable power spot in the most sublime surrounding.

In August, I will be joining 1000 singers to perform the world premier of Pulitzer Prize winner, David Lang’s new piece for 1000 voices at Lincoln Centers Mostly Mozart Festival. Conducted by Simon Halsey, choreographed by Annie B Parsons. I cannot wait to hear the sound of all of these voices together. It is called the Public Domain and is being performed Saturday August 13th at 5:00 at the fountain of Lincoln Center. Free.

aAnd if you have not seen it yet, check out..

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